Tuesday, 20 September 2011

3 Goals that still make The Libero's Spine tingle

Watching ITV's '20 Goals that Shook the World' tonight give the Libero an idea for a slightly different blog. Plain and simple, the 3 goals that still make my spine tingle. Here we go:

1: Roberto Baggio, v Czechoslovakia, Italia 90. Quick 1-2, marvellous solo run, cool finish. Annouces the Divine Ponytail's arrival on the world stage, with many more to follow. This goal caused me to follow this player closely and to almost fall in love with the man.

2. Dennis Bergkamp v Argentina, France 98. Long ball from De Boer, magical first touch, great cut inside and an esqusite finish. The commentary makes it, this clip has 3 different commentators, each of which go wild.

3. Zizou v Leverkusen, 2002. Dropping high ball, Zidane's eyes glued to it. Bang! Big game, Big Player. Always delivered on the big stage.

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